Exactly today, February 27, 2020, the School of Shipping Science is even 63 years old. And the highlight of this commemoration was held in the STIP Auditorium Building. Also present at this event were:

  • Head of Research and Development Center for Sea Transportation Capt. Sahattua P. Simatupang, MM.
  • Director of BP2TL, Capt. Dian Wahdiana, MM
  • Director of BP3IP, Capt.Weku F. Karuntu, MM
  • KSOP Tanjung Priok Representative, Capt. Prihartanta, MM
  • Head of BKKP, dr. Hesti Ekawati
  • Representative of North Jakarta Police Chief, Danramil Cilincing, Lecturers, Staff and Youth Cadets of STIP.

In the 63rd STIP Anniversary Implementation Report, STIP’s Principal, Amiruddin, MM, said “That in the commemoration of the Anniversary activities a variety of activities have been carried out, both social activities and achievements or contests. Social activities, in the form of blood donor activities participated in around 200 cadets and STIP employees who collaborate with PMI North Jakarta and free health check-up activities for the community around Marunda, as well as hospitality and anjangsana visits to lecturers who are sick and who are retired.

As for the activities that are achievement, carried out several activities, namely, sports competitions between employees, lecturers, cadets and Pasis. And continued with the selection of lecturers, staff and role models. “

Towards the end of the report the Principal of STIP also said “As one of the oldest maritime education and training institutions under BPSDM Transportation, with a total of around 655 employees, consisting of 195 ASNs, 460 non-ASNs, with a total of 175 teaching staff / lecturers, with qualifications S3 totaled 8 people, S2 totaled 146 people and RPL Lecturers totaled 21 people.

At this time STIP has carried out various educational achievements and achievements including, 31 training programs have been approved by the Director General of Hubla as well as activities to improve English language skills or STIP English Activities (SEAS) which are supported by TOEFL and Marlin tests online directly from United Kindom, besides that STIP has developed a clinic into a Main Clinic that can and is able to issue health certificates bearing the eagle logo for the needs of seafarers.

Whereas until December 2019, the number of STIP graduates had reached 9,599 people scattered and absorbed in various shipping industries with details, as bureaucrats around 2400 people, politicians 192 people, academics 959 people, 4800 practitioners and around 1248 people entrepreneurs.

Whereas in the context of developing education in 2020, STIP will plan to open new study programs including the Academic Study Program “Maritime Business” and the D4 “ETO” Program and the Applied Masters Program in “Sea Transportation Business”.

And in closing I say, that on October 25, 2018, all STIP documents were ratified by “ISO 9000 version 2015”. Likewise, all study programs at STIP have succeeded in getting “A” Accreditation since April 9, 2019. “

Next the event continued with the cutting of cone by the Head of Center for the Development of Maritime Transportation HR, Capt. Sahattua P. Simatupang, MM and given to the Chairperson of STIP Jakarta, Amiruddin, MM.

In his scientific oration the Head of the Center for the Development of Sea Transportation HR, Capt. Sahattua P. Simatupang, MM delivered material about “Strategic Issues Regarding the Need for STIP’s Values”. In his quote he delivered “The importance of moral foundation in education, which is supported by understanding in the use of technological means properly, so as to create graduates who are dignified and characterized by the industry”.