Jakarta 5 December 2019

Located in the Maritime Room, the Chairperson of STIP Jakarta Capt. Marihot Simanjuntak, MM, accompanied by several STIP Structural / Functional Officers, welcomed and welcomed the arrival of Manning Superintendent MOL Mr. Junji Tani and Ms. Chihiro Ikenaga and the team.

Mr. Junji Tani, in his speech said that his presence with the team was to discuss increasing cooperation between MOL and STIP Jakarta, especially related to Short Intern Ship in the form of training and improving the ability of seamen before working on board and ETO (Electro Technical Officer) training. The collaboration between the two institutions has been going on for quite a long time, this is evidenced by the presence of MOL offices in the Jakarta STIP campus area, as well as the existence of STIP Jakarta cadets who are conducting Prola and Prada as well as many STIP Jakarta alumni with careers at MOL.

On the same occasion the Chairperson of STIP Jakarta said that he welcomed the program delivered by Mr. Junji Tani and Ms. Chihiro Ikenaga and hopes that this program can run well and smoothly, for the sake of the advancement of the shipping world, especially in improving the abilities and expertise of the STIP Jakarta Cadets.