Kumai, Kota Waringin Barat 9 November 2019

Community Empowerment Training (DPM) is one of the GOI’s flagship programs and is actively implemented by BPSDM Transportation.

Referring to the above, STIP Jakarta has implemented DPM activities in various regions of Indonesia and one of them is in the work area of ??KSOP Kumai District. Kotawaringin Barat Kalimantan Tenggah Province.

The activity which was carried out from 28 October to 9 November 2019 was attended by around 300 participants from various regions including Pangkalan Bun, Kumai, Pangkalan Lada, Seruyan, and fishermen from the Kubu area.

The participants get a variety of learning activities including; Basic Safety Training (BST), Advanced Fire Fighting (AFF), Security Awareness Training (SAT) and SKK 60 Miles.

In addition to the above learning as an additional insight for the participants, the STIP DPM and KSOP Kumai team also synergized with several related institutions including Pelindo III Kumai Branch, PT. Pelni Branch Kumai, West Kotawaringin Regional Police, National Narcotics Agency (BNN) working area of  Kab. Kotawaringin Barat.

In this DPM activity event, the traffic police unit in the West Kotawaringin area had the opportunity to provide lessons in front of DPM participants related to traffic safety and the BNN had the opportunity to provide insight into the dangers of Narcotics.

While Pelindo III and PT. Pelni provided the opportunity for participants to visit the port area and onto the Pelni KM Awu ship that was anchored in the Kumai area.

Representing the Chairperson of STIP, Drs.Renhard Manurung, MM, in his remarks when closing the DPM activities of the XXXIII force said “This DPM that we are carrying out is the XXXIII force and for the second time it has been carried out in the KSOP area in Kumai, we are very grateful for the implementation of this DPM activity which has been running smoothly and extraordinary support from all parties involved. And we apologize if during the activities there are things that are less pleasing and hopefully we can synergize in other activities “.