Jakarta 3 February 2020

As many as 100 students of 9 SMKN Pontianak joined the Community Empowerment Training (DPM) on the STIP campus. This DPM activity is a Government program to improve the ability of the community, in the form of providing skills training that is internationally certified.

The types of training that were followed and implemented at STIP consisted of, Basic Safety Training (BST), Advanced Fire Fighting (AFF), and Security Awareness Training (SAT). Representing the Chairperson of STIP, in his opening remarks the Head of Community Service Research Center (Head of P3M) Dr.April Gunawan Malau, MM, said, “The purpose of this activity is to provide additional debriefing as a support to the skills that all younger siblings have got in school during their school. this, this training has an international standard, it is proven by the certificate you will receive when you have finished participating in this activity, follow all activities with high enthusiasm and discipline, and we hope that all these activities can run smoothly “.

On the same occasion, Mr. Vector Realita Aditopo, S.Pd, as the representative of SMKN 9 Pontianak, expressed his gratitude to the Minister of Transportation, Mr. Head of BPSDM, Mr. Head of Sea Pusbang, and of course Mr. Amiruddin, MM as Chairperson of STIP along with all of the students who have given the opportunity to return to us all, especially students from SMK 9 Pontianak to practice and study in this place, and without being paid anything at all, free of charge, plus we also get very comfortable services and facilities in the form of beds that are very decent and very good food, and hopefully all your kindness will receive abundant rewards from Allah SWT. “