Welcoming the National Transportation Day 2019 which falls on September 17, 2019, the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) of the Republic of Indonesia will carry out various activities.
Today Monday 02 September 2019 located at the College of Shipping Science held activities that run simultaneously and parallel, namely Transportation Teaching and Social Donation for Blood Donation.

In today’s activity, present Minister of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia, Mrs. Endang Budi Karya, Secretary General of the Ministry of Transportation Djoko Sasono, Inspector General of the Ministry of Transportation Wahyu Satrio Utomo, Head of Transportation Human Resources Development Agency Umiyatun Hayati Triastuti, Head of UPT in BPSDM Transportation, Structural Officer at Ministry of Transportation environment, Dharma Wanita Persatuan Ministry of Transportation and Dharma Wanita Persatuan In BPSDM Transportation participated in the series of activities.

The guests were welcomed with the STIP drumband attraction then headed to the location of the Blood Donation activity at STIP Wisraba. Opened symbolically by beating Gong by Mrs. Endang Budi Karya and planting Arum Manis Purbolinggo tree.

To enliven the blood donor program, it was also filled with fun games by the committee to entertain 318 participants.

The event then proceeded in parallel, Mrs. Endang Budi, working with DWP of the Ministry of Transportation and DWP BPSDM Transportation, visited the Al Fudholah Foundation, Orphanage and Elderly in Cilincing, North Jakarta.

And Mr. Djoko Sasono opened the Teaching Transportation event at the STIP Auditorium, which was attended by 700 participants who came from several Sailing Vocational Schools in the DKI Jakarta area and beyond.

Teaching Transportation activities focus on four values, namely AGiLE, Safe in transportation; Enterprising to be an example in the conduct of transportation and transportation agents; Become a pioneer of HRH who understands the importance of transportation safety; and Delivery of messages with education to the public.