Jakarta, 27 June 2019.

Located in the audiovisual room of STIP Jakarta, Mrs. Vidya Selasdini S. S.it M.MT.r as the head of the division and business development representing the chairperson of STIP welcomed the arrival of marine tourism participants from the wonderful Global Art Harapan learning guidance of 35 participants.

In her remarks, Ms. Vidya said that hopefully this maritime tourism could increase children’s knowledge, especially in the field of shipping and motivate children to have aspirations as seamen.

The welcoming ceremony was also attended by Mr. Yusuf and Mr. Titis, Mr. Titis Ariwibowo gave a presentation on the STIP profile to marine tourism participants.

After the reception in the audiovisual room, the participants then headed to the laboratory and simulator guided by Mr. Titis and Mr. Joseph who always provided a pleasant atmosphere for the children, so that the trip around the STIP Jakarta campus which has an area of ??32 hectares did not feel tiring.

This marine tourism has an agenda to visit the engine simulator, bridge, survival laboratory, ship stability room and STIP training pool. The activity in the training pool the children looked very enthusiastic because they boarded the rescue boat, after the activity in the training pool was finished followed by eating together at WISRABA (maritime guesthouse), then sharing souvenirs from STIP to participants.

This activity was closed with a group photo in front of the STIP Jakarta main building.