Jakarta, 20 February 2020

The Head of the Transportation Human Resources Development Agency (BPSDMP), Sugihardjo, closed the Nautika and Teknika Level II Sailors Training Program, the Nautika and IV Level Sailors Training and Technician Class III and IV School of Shipping (STIP) on the STIP campus, Jakarta. This activity was also attended by Capt. Sahattua P. S, MM., MH as the Head of the Center for the Development of Human Resources for Sea Transportation.

In the activity participated by 157 participants of this training, Ir. Sugihardjo, M.Si said “The hope is that graduates who have completed training can adapt to the times, it is hoped that seamen can innovate creatively through ideas, suggestions and input for the development of education and the maritime world as the times change, so that it is realized Reliable and Professional Maritime HR. “

Ir.Sugihardjo, M.Sc also thanked the graduates for taking the Marlin Test at STIP, so that they have international standard English skills, to fulfill the demands of the maritime industry regarding the standardization of English.

Ir.Sugihardjo, M.Si also revealed the success of STIP in the Past Learning Recognition program (RPL), “On this occasion we would like to convey the achievement of STIP, namely the RPL program, where the program is a sea diploma equalization program. On the same occasion, the Chairperson of STIP Jakarta, Mr. Amiruddin, MM, in his report conveyed the composition of participants who participated in the training, “Seafarers’ training participants who attended education consisted of 39 nautical experts at the second level, 39 in the second technician at the second level. Level IV Nautical Expert numbered 55 participants, and Level IV Technician totaled 28 participants, “and all passed 100%.

In addition, as a manifestation of STIP’s commitment to the Delivery On Time service, STIP handed over Competency Certificates (COCs) and Endorsment Certificates (COEs) to the representatives of graduates.