Banyuwangi, 28 June 2019.

Tri Rah Astuti, SE, as the Head of the BAKAMLA Sea Safety Potential Section, officially closed the Community Empowerment Training (DPM) class of 2019 which was carried out in Banyuwangi district starting on the 24th s.d. June 28, 2019. This activity was a collaboration between the Jakarta College of Shipping (STIP) and the Maritime Security Agency (BAKAMLA), and was attended by 160 participants who were fishermen around the Muncar Banyuwangi beach.

In his closing remarks, he said, “this activity is an activity carried out in synergy between STIP and Bakamla, from this synergy it is hoped that the target of community empowerment will be achieved more quickly as instructed by the President of the Republic of Indonesia.

The location of Muncar Banyuwangi was chosen because there were quite a number of fishermen from the fisheries service data that reached 25,000 active fishermen in Muncar Banyuwangi and were not yet well certified. STIP as a shipping education institution has many lecturers and instructors who are very skilled in training and fostering seamen, especially fishermen, especially in terms of skills and skills in going to sea both regarding safety and security while sailing, for this reason Bakamla cooperates with STIP to come to Banyuwangi. .

On the same occasion the Regent of Banyuwangi in his remarks conveyed by Ir. Hari Cahyo Purnomo, M.Si as the Head of the Fisheries Service said that and of course the number of participants could be increased so that more fishermen could become participants. In addition to representatives of officials from STIP and Bakamla, the closing ceremony was also attended by the Tanjung Wangi KSOP, Marine Lieutenant Colonel Agus Winartono and the Muspika in the Muncar Banyuwangi district.