Jakarta, 12 February 2020

Located in the STIP Audiovisual room, Capt. Supendi M.MTr as Head of Academic and Administrative Administration representing the Chairperson of STIP and Capt. Bharto Ari Raharjo, M.Si, who represented the Head of the Center for Human Resource Development in Sea Transportation officially opened the TOT IMO Model Course Training Course 6.09. This activity was also attended by structural / functional officials of STIP. This education and training takes place from 11-19 February 2020.

This training is a very good training and is needed by ship officers to become instructors at seafarers’ educational institutions in Indonesia. Even when on the ship. In this education, participants will learn how to become instructors in the maritime / maritime world environment. It is hoped that with this activity, it is able to guide participants and improve their quality in contributing to advancing insight in the maritime field.