Located at the Hotel D’Senopati Malioboro Yogyakarta, the Work Meeting Evaluation on the Achievement of Performance of FY 2019 Activities, Strategy for Implementation of FY 2020 Activities and Review and Preparation of FY 2021 Activities took place from 28-30 November 2019.

The discussion at the meeting this time is the Study of Longlist TA 2021 (TOR, RAB and Supporting Data) and RDP (division of Commissions), Preparation of the 2020 Performance Agreement in accordance with the Performance Indicators set by BPSDMP, Plenary / Exposure for each Section / Work Unit for the planned Implementation of Activities and Strategies of TA 2020 and Longlist TA 2021, Discussion of Performance Contracts for 2020, and Signing of Contracts of Work for Each Section / Work Unit.