Kabupaten Meranti 27 January 2020.

Community Empowerment Training which is a government program in order to improve the ability and skills of the community has reached various corners of the country, even to the border areas of the country.

STIP Jakarta through the DPM program in early 2020, immediately step on the gas to reach one of the front islands in the NKRI Border region, namely the Kepulauan Meranti Regency which is adjacent to the country of Malaysia.

240 residents of Meranti, who are mostly fishermen and depend on their livelihood from the sea, participated in this activity with enthusiasm.

Drs.H.Said Hasyim as Deputy Regent of the Meranti Islands Regency in his welcoming quote said “Thank you to BPSDM Ministry of Transportation, especially STIP for being willing to come over hundreds of kilometers via Flights and shipping for a few hours and thank God to reach this Meranti earth, and DPM activities in Meranti it has been going on if the physical counts may have reached 3000 participants, and now the community has felt its benefits, there are many Meranti sons working abroad and improving the welfare of their families after obtaining a certificate from the DPM program. “