On Monday, 16 March 2020, representing the Principal of STIP Jakarta, Mr. Ir. Mauritz Sibarani, DESS, ME as the Coordinator of DPM Tulungagung at the opening of the 12th Community Empowerment Training Activity (DPM), said that this training was one of the government programs provided FREE to the community as a government effort to improve the quality of Indonesian human resources. This activity is a continuation of the government program that has been carried out for several years. For the 12th DPM, STIP Jakarta is collaborating with the Tulungagung District Fisheries Office and Probolinggo KSOP. Through this program, it is expected to be able to improve the capabilities and skills of advanced and superior communities, especially in the maritime sector.

Participants of DPM in Tulungagung Regency, East Java Province, were joined by 240 local and surrounding fishermen. Implementation of education and training carried out from 16 to 21 March 2020 at PPI Sine Kalibatur village, Kalidawir district, Tulungagung district. Participants will receive training of BST-KLM (Basic Sailboat Motor Safety Training) and SKK 60 Miles.

The event attended by Assistant 2 for Economics and Development of Tulungagung Regency, Mr. Ir. Tatang Suhartono, M.Sc. He expressed his gratitude to STIP, who was willing to provide free education and training to coastal fishing communities in the Tulungagung and surrounding areas. He hoped that the participants could take part in the training well and take advantage of this opportunity to improve their abilities and the skills of the fishermen themselves in the world of work. Also, at the opening of the training, there were representatives from Harbourmaster of Probolinggo, representatives of the Tulungagung District Transportation Agency, Posmat Navy of Tulungagung, UPT Port of DKP Propane. East Java and Muspika elements in Kalidawir district.