Jakarta 27 Agustus 2019.

Capt. Abdul Rahman, MM, as the Assistant Principal II (Puket II) representing the Principal of STIP closed the Nautical Level II Nautical Training Program of batch XL and Level II Technical batch  XLI in 2019, the activities carried out in the STIP Auditorium building began with singing Indonesia Raya and Transportation Hymns.

The activity which took the theme “Knitting the Waters of the World and the Archipelago” was attended by a number of participants consisting of, 43 ANT II Participants and 47 ATT II Participants with 100% graduating information. In his remarks Puket 2 conveyed, “congratulations and appreciation to the participants who have been able to complete education at the Seafaring Training II, hopefully all participants will always be successful in every step of the task and dedication to provide the best service to parents, families, the environment, religion, nation and state of Indonesia.

In accordance with our theme today which is to knit the waters of the archipelago and the world is expected that marine officers can create innovatively through ideas, suggestions and input for the development of education and the maritime world along with the changing times influenced by the industrial revolution 4.0. This trend has changed many areas of human life including the maritime industry, the world of work and even the lifestyle of humanity itself, in short the 4.0 revolution implements intelligent technology that can be connected with various fields of human life.