Kepulauan Meranti, 17 February 2020

Head of Transportation Human Resources Development Agency (BPSDMP) Ir. Sugihardjo, M.Sc (Jojo) opened a Community Empowerment Training (DPM) program in collaboration between the Jakarta College of Shipping (STIP) with KSOP Class IV Selat Panjang and the Transportation Office of the Meranti Islands Regency, Riau Islands, which was held at Affifah Building, Meranti Islands. “In accordance with the direction of the Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi, in 2020-2024 DPM will be carried out more intensely, effectively based on the target reach of participants in the 3T region, including areas affected by development or disaster affected. While in 2020 BPSDM Transportation has a target of 120,000 DPM participants people who are spread out in all schools in BPSDMP, “said Jojo. “So what has been proclaimed by the Government of Indonesia that Indonesia is a large, strong and prosperous maritime country can be achieved with the availability of human resources in the form of skilled and professional crew members,” he said.

In his remarks Chairperson of STIP Jakarta Amiruddin, MM said, the 2020 Community Empowerment Training was a continuation of the previous year’s program. This activity is in the context of implementing the Presidential Instruction to improve the quality and competitiveness of Indonesian human resources. Also open and provide employment opportunities as wide as possible to work on board both for fishing boats and on commercial vessels by providing the certificate of seamen needed.

On the same occasion the Deputy Regent Drs. H. Said Hasyim in his remarks, expressed his utmost appreciation for the implementation of this Community Empowerment Training. “Hopefully with this DPM the crew in the Meranti Islands Regency will gain useful knowledge to improve shipping safety, for other participants, hopefully with the training and certification that can later be obtained can increase opportunities to get jobs,” he said.