On Monday, 17 June 2019 in the AVA STIP Jakarta room, the opening meeting of AMI II in 2019 was opened by the Chairperson of STIP Jakarta Capt. Marihot Simanjuntak, MM and was attended by structural and functional officials (auditees), auditors and Liaison Officers.
Presentation of the implementation of the Internal Quality Audit by the Audit Monitoring Office Mr. Asman Ala, ST., MT
Internal Quality Audit (AMI) is carried out for:
1. Review previous findings
2. Reviewing the effectiveness of implementing QMS and meeting ISO 9001: 2015 criteria
3. Ensuring understanding of each work unit regarding the organizational context.
4. Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the application of the existing QMS in the form of understanding risks and opportunities.
5. Check the level of compliance with the implementation of the procedures in each work unit.
6. Check the complete recording of the results of activities.