Jakarta, 9 December 2019

Representing the chairperson of STIP Jakarta, Solehuddin, MM as the Assistant Chairperson III (Puket III) officially opened the “SEAS FESTIVAL” activity. The activity with the theme “Rise of Millennials” was followed by prospective cadets from STIP Jakarta.

In his remarks Puket III said “STIP is a campus that has international standards, for that English language skills are the main assets for cadets. Practicing English must start as soon as possible and develop gradually. Don’t be shy to speak English, even though you haven’t proficient but if trained when we can master it. Especially for prospective cadets / i this is a great opportunity because it can provide experience, and make yourself prospective cadets / i become a strong competitor. ” At the end of his closing remarks, he added that the 2019 SEAS Festival will be able to improve the ability of English cadets and will create a strong English environment in our beloved school.